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Colorado News Stories About Kaiser Permanente

May 1, 2012
The following article is mirrored here for historical purposes.  Heed the words in this article.
The few regions in this country that Kaiser has been allowed to do business in have all reported
the same story.  Cheaper is not always better.  Come on deals to get you to sign up often in
a short period of time result in inflated prices and degrading services.  That is why a lot of
people change phone companies every year or so.  In this case it is health insurance and that
is often an uncomfortable process to change every year or so.  

Kaiser Permanente is a successful medical system that will soon be offering services in Northern Colorado.
They are successful because they are tightly controlled, which helps keep costs down. This also is why you
should be careful choosing this, often times cheaper, offering in your health-care choices with your employer.

Here are two scenarios for "buyer beware" here in Northern Colorado:

First, how will they deal with "elective surgeries" down the road? For now, Kaiser might allow you to have your
knee surgery in Northern Colorado. However, in a few years will you be required to go to Denver where their
hospital system is in place?

Secondly, what about emergent health issues? For now, they may allow you to experience your emergent
event at your local hospital without a transition in your care while you recover. However, in a few years, will
you be charged more because that hospital is "out of network" and will you be forced to move to a Denver
hospital when they deem your care can be continued there?

These are examples of two instances I witnessed that happened to friends of mine when I lived in California.
Don't underestimate how disconcerting this would be to you and your family should it happen.

Kaiser is a good medical system that provides good care. Just make sure your eyes are wide open when
buying in Northern Colorado with its limitations.

Mike Hester,

Fort Collins

March 13, 2011

Insurers' enormous cash surpluses prompt calls for rebates or community spending
Nonprofit insurers Kaiser Permanente and Rocky Mountain Health Plans have built up enormous cash
surpluses from higher premiums in recent years, prompting calls from consumer groups that it is time for
the health giants to offer rebates or spend the money on their communities.

October 21, 2006

Health plan is tossed
Move by LUH, clinic may affect local workers

LONGMONT — Longmont United Hospital is ending its participation in one type of health insurance coverage
offered through the Kaiser Permanente health insurance network, and Longmont Clinic is moving to do the same.
mirrored for historical purposes at:
Union sues Kaiser over medical staffing levels
Cancer clinic to drop 400 patients
Boulder doctor: Kaiser doesn't pay enough
By Marsha Austin